Last Wednesday I met up with a person who reads this blog, Olivia (who really needs to get her own blog so I can link to her) and her friend Pam. They kindly offered to show me around LA.

The first place we went was a small cemetery in the middle of town where all kinds of famous people are buried. This is was item #9 on my 101 Things in 1001 Days list. We saw Marilyn Monroe’s headstone with fresh lipstick kiss marks on it. We also had to get a picture with this guy since he was the whole reason I was there in the first place.


Then we went to the Chinese Theater and saw the hand and foot prints in the cement. As a die hard Harry Potter fan I had to get this one.


And we need evidence of horses that do more than hang around and complain that I’m not feeding them often enough.


That’s Roy Rogers and Trigger if you can’t read it well.

We also went to look at the Kodak Theater (home of the Oscars). There was a whole group of kids waiting in line at Hot Topic because Panic at the Disco had been there. Olivia and I are so not hip because we had no clue who that was. I still don’t but she found out that they had been on Saturday Night Live recently. Then we went to dinner at El Chollo which had very nice vegetarian enchiladas.

The next day I flew out at 6:30 AM to head back home. I got home at 6:30 PM and went out to dinner and crashed at an airport hotel. I left the next morning at 6:00 AM to go judge a trail ride in North Carolina. It was cold and wet. Bone chillingly cold and wet. This was my favorite competitor of the weekend.


He’s an 18.2 hand, 1800 lb Belgian who did great on the 40 mile ride. He was hard to examine though because his back was 8 inches over my head. I had to reach up to feel if he had a sore back. He also decided that I was not examining his mouth. He just put it up out of reach and said, “What are you going to do about it, puny human?” Answer – not much. The picture doesn’t really do him justice but if I was standing next to him, my head would be at about the level of his rider’s knee.