I have a conflicted relationship with Photoshop. I have a gut feeling that photographs should be “real”. That is, they should accurately show what was there. I don’t like pictures that use a lot of editing to change reality.

But, a lot of pictures I take turn out a lot flatter than the reality that I was trying to capture. So I’m trying to warm up to doing more postproduction work to make better pictures. Right now I’m just using my little point and shoot camera since my better one died. One of the limitations of this camera is that it doesn’t have a viewfinder. When it is bright out I can’t see the image on the screen on the back of the camera so I end up taking a lot of “blind” photos. This is one of them from the train window yesterday.


I played around with it today just to practice. I cropped out the spots on the right. Lightened the highlights and darkened the shadows. Brightened it up.