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I saw the most effective political ad EVER last week! I usually change the channel when political ads come on but I had my hands full so I watched this one. It explained everything to me.

The primaries for governor are tomorrow. I was going to ignore that entirely because I can’t tell the difference between the people running. But this ad changed all that. Now I’m dying to vote.

The ad comes up with a bunch of smiling, happy people. Ken Blackwell starts talking cherrily about how he supported the Defense of Marriage Act. All the people are so happy because of this. He says that he got it passed by 63%. This causes confusion in me because I don’t think he did that single handedly but the ad sure implies that he did. Then the screen goes black. No more happy people. A sinister tone says that Jim Pietro fought against the Defense of Marriage Act. Jim Pietro is evil, you are supposed to believe. Back to happy people. Ken Blackwell loves Marriage and will fight for it. He even looks right into the camera and says, “I believe marriage is between one man and one woman.” Happy people beam in overwhelming radiant joy!

I have to say that it was the most effective ad I’ve ever seen. It not only told me which person was which but it told who to vote for (Pietro of course!) and made me eager to vote tomorrow when usually I would have forgotten that it was even going on.

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  • Jessica

    It just annoys me the blatent discrimintation that people are acting proud and happy about! And I hate all the stupid media tricks like that that they used to try to influence people subconsciously. I think it should be considered cheating. At least that one seemed ineffective at what they were hoping for.

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