Since I’m going out of town today and the horses are going to be stuck inside until Sunday I decided to leave them out longer this morning. I went out and put fly masks on Spirit and Prize. The flies get bad here about 9:00 AM so that is when I usually bring them in. But it wasn’t too bad out so I figured they could handle it with a little help from the masks. Rosie, on the other hand, wanted nothing to do with her mask. Flat out refused to put it on. So I said fine. Have it your way.

Fast forward two hours. I look outside and they are clustered around the gate. I went out to let them in. The flies were bad enough that Spirit (who comes in unaccompanied) ran ahead of the girls, who I was leading, to get into the barn. Normally he grazes outside until I go out and remind him to come in.

In the rush I didn’t really look at Rosie until they were all settled in their stalls. Her left eye is swollen half shut. The lower lid especially is swollen to gigantic proportions. I put some arnica gel on her lids to bring the swelling down. I’ll go back before I leave for work and see if the swelling is going down. Poor pony. She looks like someone punched her repeatedly in the eye. I did take time to point out that that is what happens when she doesn’t listen to me about putting her fly mask on.

Rosie's Eyes