He was gentle with me. There was no blazing fast speed set to teach me not to talk back to my elders about them being elder. We started with a 2 mile brisk walk to warm up. Then my dad usually runs for 3.5 miles because he still isn’t up to his normal level of running. This makes me laugh. I couldn’t run 3.5 miles if a monster was chasing me let alone if I was recovering from a leg injury. In deference to my hatred of running and my tendency to have shin splints we skipped that part. Then he bike rides. He usually does 6 miles at a 3 mph pace. We did 10 at a 5.5 mph pace. I know this because the man is anal retentive and likes to keep track of his mph pace while I’m gawking around at the scenery and trying not to fall off my bike. He seemed mildly surprised that I was fine with all this. We went out 3 miles and turned around. He said that we could do a 4 mile loop when we got back to where we started but we would decide “how we feel when we get there.” I knew that meant how I felt. I felt fine. Then we went to breakfast. He seemed surprised afterwards that I wasn’t lame.

He talked alot about trying to get my mom to come out and exercise with him. She’s not falling for it. He doesn’t understand why. She was a gym teacher so he can’t figure out why she doesn’t like to exercise. I think he may be intimidating. He was talking today about how he always wanted to be able to work out for 2.5 hours a day but couldn’t do that when he was working. He’s going to retire next year so he figures he can do that. He’s working a reduced schedule this year in part so he can start his 2.5 hours per day training schedule. The man is nuts. I was going to say that it is obvious that I didn’t get any of that genetic makeup passed on to me but that may not be true. When I exercise I have a tendency to get excessive. I’ll hike for hours and still crave more for example. But it doesn’t do me any good because I never lose any weight doing it. I get fitter which is good but I don’t get any smaller.