I can now say that I have gone curling. Check that right off the life list of experiences.

I don’t like ice. I’m scared to death of it in fact. So wussy about ice that when I announced my intention to go curling the husband asked, “You do know that they do that on ice, don’t you?” I don’t like sliding. Too much loss of control for my liking.

But I went curling. On ice. Step one. Walking out on the rink. I took tentative little steps but made it to the far corner of the rink. Then we had to learn how to slide. You put a little slider on the bottom of your shoe. Correct curling position is basically a lunge. I just couldn’t slide. Eventually my teacher looked at the slider I was using. For some reason instead of teflon on the bottom it had rubber tread. No wonder I couldn’t slide. Once I got a teflon slider it was much more slippery and that much more scary. I need to learn to put more weight on my forward foot. Here’s what I do now. I start to slide ok but then my forward foot slides out from under me sideways and I go down hard on my left knee. Over and over. In an “Oh, that is going to hurt tomorrow” way that moves into an “It is really hurting now” way by the end of the hour.

But I am a good sweeper. I was running sideways on the ice sweeping my little heart out. Me, the ice wimp, running sideways on ice! I was so proud. It took some of my mind off the omnious pain in my knee.

We played one end against another team and we won 2-0. I got one of the stones to go all the way down the ice too. The other one should have gone but my sweepers were slacking. I certainly wasn’t getting the stones down there by any skill on my part.

When I got off the ice I looked at my knee and it didn’t look bad. I was sort of disappointed. If I’m going to be in pain I want a spectactular bruise to go along with it. By the time I got home there were areas that were starting to bruise up. I started liberally applying arnica. Today my whole left kneecap is burgandy. I think the only reason it isn’t black is because of repeated doses of arnica. Being a good blogger I took a picture of it but decided that it made my knee look fat and it wasn’t black and green just burgandy so I’m not posting it. It isn’t spectactular enough.