I went on vacation. Although I imagined myself running in the nice warm air, in fact the hardest work I did was walking 9.77 miles around Universal Studios. I spent the rest of the trip either sitting in a car or lying down. I was lying in bed reading books, lying on a chaise by the pool, and lying on a tube in the pool. I ate junk food during car rides.  I didn’t even bring any workout DVDs in my suitcase.

I lost two pounds.

That’s more than I lost working out six days a week for an hour a day for three months doing p90x.  I’m just saying.

We are in the process of doing penance with the animals. Freckles alternated between cuddling and yelling at us. She then cuddled while yelling at us. We had good behavior reports about her except for one incident. She went to the woods with the son of the family she was staying with. He let her go off lead because she is good. Now she has lost her off lead privileges with me before for acting a fool. He didn’t know that. When it was time to go he couldn’t find her. He called and she didn’t come back. So he started to walk back to the car. She came running. She was coated in mud. Apparently there was some lovely filth that she was covering herself in and she needed to finish up before she could go with him.

We got a freshly bathed dog back.

She is now sort of ignoring us to punish us properly. We need to know that she is good and mad. It occured to me that I serve four main functions in her life.

1.  Food pourer
2.  Door opener
3.  Car driver
4.  Cuddle person

I also decided that I really want to be a spoiled rotten house cat in my next life.  My cats were left home with bowls of food and water. We hired a person to come see them everyday and refill their bowls, clean their litter, and give hugs.  We had our handyman in and out all week who loves cats and plays with them. We also had the cleaning lady in one day to make their house clean enough for Powder’s exacting standards. They had more company while we were gone than they have when we’re at home!