The husband has developed a new mysterious ailment. He’s the King of Odd Maladies. He’s itchy. He thinks I’m his primary care doctor so I gave him my dermatology once-over. No skin lesions. No fleas. Itching is probably coming from the inside and not the outside.

But, he wanted me to Do Something and suggesting he call his human doctor was not correct. So, I decided he should take an oatmeal bath.

I had him start filling the tub. As it filled I was impressed at how it was holding water. It leaks like a sieve for me. I made a mental note to have him work the drain for me when I take a bath. It was all good until he tried to drain the tub. Somehow he had flipped the drain lever so hard that it was fully closed and the lever disconnected from the drain leaving us no way to drain it.

Bailing out a tub full of water? Not so fun.

Taking apart a drain mechanism to see how you broke it and realizing you can’t fix it? Makes a guy forget about being itchy for a bit.