Prisoner of Azkaban is my favorite Harry Potter book.  That may be because I listened to this one first on audio instead of reading it .  That forced me to slow down and savor the book.

I loved dementors and using magical animals to protect you from them.  Monsters whose effects are muted by chocolate?  Sign me up.  By this point I’m probably immune.

I love the Marauder’s Map.  One of my major criticisms of the movie is that they never discuss who made the map in the first place.

I love butterbeer.  I do not like the stuff that they claim is butterbeer at Universal.  No, that is swill.  This is the One True Butterbeer Recipe to Rule Them All:

  • Bring a half gallon of vanilla ice cream and 1 stick of butter to room temperature.  They should be soft but not fully melted.
  • Mix the ice cream and the butter (because just ice cream is not bad enough for you).
  • Add in enough cinnamon and nutmeg to make it nicely speckled throughout.  You can decide how cinnamon-y you want your ice cream.
  • Refreeze your spiced ice cream mixture.  (The waiting is the hardest part.)
  • Warm a mugful of apple cider.
  • Add a scoop of the ice cream mixture to the warm cider.
  • Die of wonderfulness.

You’re welcome.

I love Remus and Sirius.  Ok, I get that these are kids’ books but I was an adult reading them and in my mind, these guys are hot.  They were smart and cool and very capable.  I was very, very disappointed in the casting for the movie. They were not what I had in my mind.

Here’s my dream casting if I ruled the world:

Remus Lupin – I like my werewolves more Joe Manganiello in True Blood than the scrawny sickly creature in the book but I’m willing to meet halfway.  I think David Tennant should be Lupin.


He was even in the fourth movie for a bit.  See?


I get that if he was tied up with Harry Potter he wouldn’t have been able to do Doctor Who thus perhaps preventing my fangirl crush but this is my alternate reality so I would have made it work.

Sirius Black – I don’t have a definite actor in mind.  I’d make him definitely tougher than in the movie.  He’s survived prison and life on the run. If we weren’t limiting ourselves to British actors, I’d say Hugh Jackman.

How about Ray Stevenson?


I’m open to Idris Elba too.


What do you think?  If you could recast any of the movies, who would you pick?