There comes a time in every reader’s life when you just have to face the fact that you aren’t going to read all the books.

Take a moment and breathe if you need to.


I don’t keep a massive TBR list like other people I know of. I’m primarily a mood reader so I read what catches my eye. I decided to purge my Goodreads TBR list mostly because I didn’t know why most of the books were on there. I didn’t know what most of them were about.

I only had about 150 books on the list when I started. I’ve done big purges before so there was nothing on there that I had listed before 2020. I started by opening every listing and looking at it. I asked if I was honestly going to ever read that book. A lot of them sounded really good. I’d have liked to read a lot of them. And then I deleted them.

The only things I kept where books I had flagged because they were:

  • Foodie books
  • South of the Equator books
  • Books I’m keeping for my SciFi Month TBR
  • The start of a few Urban Fantasy series that I thought I’d like
  • Nonfiction books that I thought I’d like on audiobook
  • A group of South Asian romances that I must have found all together at one point somewhere
  • Books from series that I’ve been reading but the next installment isn’t due out for a while

I still had 50 books left. Then I went through and tagged them so I would know without having to open up each listing again what category they fell in. Next time I need an audiobook I can scan the list and see which nonfiction books I wanted to find on audio, for example. I’ve been having a hard time finding audiobooks I’m interested in just browsing at the library recently. I already downloaded my first one. I’m feeling very organized and productive.

Does anyone else ever feel the need to throw it all out and start over? Is it just me?