There are some things that are just guaranteed to draw me into a book.

  • Magic
  • Set in a bakery
  • Sentient buildings

Mix it all together in a found family story with adult protagonists and I’ll end up binge reading the series.

In Butter, Sugar, Magic by Jessica Rosenberg, Cassie has been unexpectedly dumped by her husband in Georgia. He has always insisted that she not work outside the house. His image was of the utmost importance. Now he’s sold the house with minimal notice to Cassie and her pre-teen daughter Aurie. Luckily, she just received word that she was named in a will from a previously unknown aunt (on her deadbeat dad’s side) in Massachusetts. So they drive up as a distraction from figuring out what to do with the rest of their lives.

What Cassie has inherited is a building that previously housed a bakery. She’s always wanted to have a bakery. The bakery is decorated just like she’s always daydreamed about. So is the apartment upstairs. It’s almost like magic.

Cassie finds out that this side of her family is magical and this town is populated by a high percentage of magical people. Over the course of the next few books she learns about magic and learns how to live her life as a single mother and business owner. She’s a kitchen witch whose talent comes through in her cooking. Sometimes that can cause issues but it can come in handy.

After these books the focus of the series shifts to another person in the town. This woman runs the local bookstore. So far there are two books about her out with more to come.

These books are all about found family and growing into your talents. They are fun cozy reads perfect for binging.