We’ve lost our contractors. I know that I have previously characterized them in this space as the world’s laziest contractors because they had a three day work week (in a productive week) and a three hour work day. But we haven’t heard from them at all for a week. This corresponds to my husband calling and cussing them out for standing him up at Lowe’s.

You’d think we made them mad and they moved on to other jobs but they don’t have any other jobs. They have not been in contact with their relatives either. The husband is working on the theory that they were behind a recent bank robbery that happened at the same time that he was waiting for them. I think that bank robbery takes way too much gumption for them.

In other news, the crazy brother-in-law was committed to an inpatient program yesterday. The mother-in-law is still in a far away state getting him settled. Rejoicing continues here in the mother-in-law-free house.

The grandmother-in-law is still, in fact, not dead. (If you find this statement strange, scroll down a bit for the whole story.)

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  1. Like I would waste a stall on her! I’d rather give up my dining room like I have if it wasn’t for the fact that then she was in my house. I know she’ll be back but hopefully later rather than sooner.

  2. Pins and needles would describe my wait for further details about your in-laws, so I was much relieved to hear that the celebration of the empty house continues; however I am almost certain that your mother-in-law will be back, so you must prepare a plan to avert two more years of her living on your couch. I am sure you are thinking of this.
    Contractors are the same everywhere, which is why Lowes thrives on do-it-yourselfers. They opened 123 new stores in 2004; I shoulda bought their stock. Turning a horse stall into a small apartment still seems like a viable option. 🙂

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