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WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

I finished up Swoon block number 3.


I was asked by a person who is having a Quilts of Valor display for Veteran’s Day if I had a banner. I said, “Yeah, no problem, I’ll get that to you.” Translation – I’ve been procrastinating on making one of those and now I’ll have to. Here’s the top.


I did two presentations this week. The first one was for a man who lives pretty close to me.


The second one was for a friend of mine. I actually made this quilt a while ago with plans of giving it to her and then it sat unbound for months. I decided that I was getting it done this weekend. Of course it didn’t take long at all and I had an actual real live finish of my own. I didn’t think I remembered how to actually complete a project. I gave it to her after our workout on Tuesday.



  • Beverly Randolph

    Quilts of Valor is the most satisfying quilt endeavor–in fact, the most satisfying ENDEAVOR, period, unqualified–that I have engaged in for many, many years. Right now I have three QOV tops at my friend’s house, the quilter part of our QOV team–I’m the “topper” and she’s the “longarmer,” to use QOV terms–and I’m excited to see what she’s going to do with them. Then getting them back and stitching the binding is so fulfilling! My friend and I have been asked to present two quilts to two veterans in our neighborhood (Texas is a huge place, so up-the-road constitutes “neighborhood”) and we’re very excited about that. QOV was how I found your blog this morning! I’m really enjoying it!

  • Allison

    lol, I am trying to remember how to finish something, myself. 🙂 Your friend looks so pleased with her quilt – congrats on such a special finish.

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