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I’ve gone back to an old UFO. I need nine 24 inch carpenter’s star blocks for the quilt I have in mind. This will be number 3.

star block

I’ve had a HUGE Quilts of Valor week.

Last week I presented a quilt to a woman who was a QOV volunteer while she was in Afghanistan. She was a nurse who agreed to have quilts sent to her and she oversaw distribution to wounded servicemen and women. Now she is home so we made sure she had her own quilt.

Alison QOV

This quilt was made specifically for a woman. The center panel shows women waving flags.

I also did a group presentation at a veteran’s retreat.

Quilts of Valor at Buckhaven Learning Center

I met the women in the photos when I did a talk at their quilt guild and they invited me to come to this retreat.

Quilts of Valor at Buckhaven Learning Center

Quilts of Valor at Buckhaven Learning Center

This flag quilt is one of my favorites.  It was a hit.


Quilts of Valor at Buckhaven Learning Center


And then NBC Nightly News ran a story on Quilts of Valor on Monday night.  Requests for quilts and questions from potential volunteers have been pouring in.   I linked to the story here.  Today there is going to be another story on Fox News.  I’m spending lots of time answering emails and starting to get quilts distributed to all our new requests.


  • Lynette

    Wow!! I just *Love* the one for the nurse in particular. 🙂 Isn’t it extremely moving to be there when the quilts are given? I really love QOV and miss my Florida guild’s active involvement in that program. I’m stuck with long-distance participation, but it’s still great to be a part of. Your retreat day looks like it was terrific. Really great quilts, too.

  • Erin

    How fabulous is a carpenters wheel. I just finished one myself, and it’s definielty a pattern I’ll be coming back to. I love your colour choice. Has a real “stars and stripes” vibe 🙂
    E xx

  • Joanie

    What an awesome story and fantastic pictures. Wow you are becoming famous! Each quilt in it’s own right is beautiful and awesome! I led a couple group effort QOV quilt projects. It is such a rewarding project honoring those who seve our country while in harms way!

    • heather

      I don’t know if there is a pattern. I think she just based the log cabin blocks on the size of the center panel and made enough to make the star design.

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