To think that I was worried about having horses trying to come inside from the pasture in an unorderly fashion. Last night I went out to get them after dark. Spirit was standing alone at the gate. I couldn’t see the others. I thought for a moment that he may have just gotten rid of them both. But then I heard trotting horses approaching. I turned away to turn on the lights in the barn. There was no sound of a scuffle. When I turned back Prize was standing at the gate. Spirit and Rosie were standing four fence sections away respectfully not even looking in her direction. They did not move until I got her halfway back to the barn. She wasn’t acting aggressive or anything. They just gave her space. Now that’s power.

Here are some pictures from this morning of playing in the pasture.

Spirit rolling
Spirit rolling
Prize rolling with Rosie in the foreground
Rosie standing and Prize rolling


  • merry (pony-mum)

    ohhh Prize is so beautiful. From her outline she looks similar to Quirky who has the stall next to Clyde. Quirky is very beautiful but J would not dare ride her…. though I secretly wonder if next year she might be a suitable step forward for J (don’t tell her but she will outgrow Clyde in a year or so…. expect tears and tantrums) Is Prize a throughbred type?

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