There is a grand plan being hatched here. The mother-in-law is planning a trip in the indeterminate future to spread her mother’s ashes in Arizona. On the guestlist for this trip are the mother-in-law, her sister, her two daughters, and a cousin. Missing from the guestlist? My husband. Yep, he gave them a place to live and supported them financially for the last two years. His sisters never even visited when their grandmother was sick. It is just further proof in my mind that the mother-in-law is evil.

He isn’t bothered by this. He said no male relatives were being invited and he wouldn’t go even if they invited him. But I think it is a total slap in the face. The thing that tops it all is that his younger sister doesn’t have a job and neither does his mother. What do you want to bet that they expect him to pay for their trip?