We recently spent an evening on our vacation in Florida at a Standardbred track in Pompano Beach.  I don’t particularly care for racing, but I like the challenge that photographing racehorses gives me.

I’m using a super zoom and not a DSLR because I carry my camera with me on vacation and I don’t like carrying a bag full of lenses.  I have a habit of switching from zoom on one shot to macro on the next and I don’t want to change lenses.  That limits what kind of pictures I can take because I don’t have the full range of manual adjustments available that I would if I had a DSLR but the ease of use is more important to me.


I took most of the pictures while the horses were warming up. I mostly focused on the horses while they were getting close to the spot where I wanted to get the picture. Then I panned with them in focus until I clicked the shutter. That gave an in-focus horse and a blurred background.

The opposite effect can be fun though. This was taken with the camera on a post.

The shots aren’t as sharp as I like due to the combination of darkness and speed.

But I’m still happy with them for the limitations I had.

Rounding the turn for home

The home stretch

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