For all of you in the US Midwest getting soaked – sorry. It is my fault. You see, we keep going on mini vacations. Your week will be going along just fine. There is lots of sun. Then we decide to head to a nearby state park. We figure there is a lake with pontoon boat rentals. There are trails to walk on. So we head off on a Saturday. It immediately starts to rain. Sorry. We’ve been to two parks this month. Didn’t see anything outside the lodge.

At the second one we were consoling ourselves in the indoor pool. Suddenly I noticed that there had been a mass exodus from the pool. There were five teenagers standing at the edge and staring in at something. Turns out that one of the group of small kids that had just left had left behind a gift. That was the end of swimming while the pool got disinfected. There was a huge outdoor pool but oh, yeah, it was pouring.

Next weekend we are heading out again. Don’t make any outdoor plans.

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