The SO had to get a MRI this morning so I was on kid duty. I ran her ragged. First I made her help clean up the house. Then we went and dropped off recycling. A quick trip to the library was after that. She wanted books on dogs. She’s obsessed with getting a dog. The problem is that she’s scared of dogs. She was even scared of Snowball. She’d scream whenever Snowball looked at her. But we got some dog books and a few DVDs.

After that we went to the Farmer’s Market and picked up corn for dinner. There was a standard poodle there so I pointed it out as the type of dog we were considering getting eventually. She pressed herself against me as it passed by but said that she wanted it. I think she thinks dogs are like stuffed animals who won’t look at you or touch you. She screams when the cats touch her. How is she going to handle a dog?

We headed out to see Prize. Surprisingly, Z isn’t scared of horses. She got to sit on the old arthritic Haflinger in the pasture. The horse wasn’t having it until I showed her that I had treats in my pocket then she consented to be haltered and let the kid sit on her as long as the treats kept coming!

After that there was playing on the playground. We’ve done this all in three hours. I don’t know about her but I’m tired!

We need to work on her rudeness. She told me this morning that her father was really fat. He’s not. He’s really muscular and looks big. I told her that it wasn’t true and that it was a very, very mean thing to say. She just laughed. Then she was walking around saying, “I’m rich!” I asked if she had a job. She said she was rich at her mom’s house. I said that she was poor. Her mom has a job. Her dad has a job. I have a job. She isn’t rich. She’s living off of us.

She also will explain me to everyone she meets. “Hi. This is my dad’s friend Heather. She lives with us now.” I’m just glad she didn’t say it to the Amish people at the farmer’s market.