• Maritzia

    Pardon my french here, but what a F**KING A$$HOLE!

    *sighs* Why not, instead, just pray for God’s will? Isn’t that what Jesus taught? I’m pretty sure if I dig out my New Testament, I’m going to find instructions from Jesus on how to pray, and I’m pretty sure that’s what it’s going to say.

    And you’re right, it’s not even what the guy is saying, it’s his incredible arrogance in saying it.

  • Jessica

    Hmm, whatever happened to the “putting trust in God” thing that Christians always go around saying? If you believe he’s all powerful and all perfect, why would you need to pray that something is going to happen if you already trust he’d do what’s best in all situations? Hypocrisy. What would Jesus do? Love them and show compassion towards them. Christians like this guy are so busy spreading hate that they don’t have time to understand their own faith. The Christians that actually get the religion are the quiet ones and tend to be more Buddhist-like from what I’ve seen.

    I wonder if it will rain. If not, it’d be funny. Wish I could say “Guess your God doesn’t agree with you. Maybe you should get to know him better. Jesus was a liberal!”

    And Christian prayer, in my opinion, is another form of spellwork. I believe I did some bad things under the guise of “prayer” as a kid. Enough that my parents had forbidden me to pray certain things out of fear that they’d happen.

  • Kati

    Damn…. My thoughts are very, very similar to Fuzzy’s…. What an @$$! Would it be WRONG to pray that God strikes this presumptuous @$$ with lightning???? Yeah, ok… So I suppose THAT would be wrong. *wry smile and wink*

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