1.  If you watch Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip, read a book about a serial killer, and watch a dance routine to “Hey Big Spender” on the same day, you shouldn’t be surprised by a dream about a tv show full of serial killers singing that song.

2.  There isn’t a good explanation of why I had a dream today about Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters (Spike and Dawn) returning library books.  They were filling in comment sheets in the books but got yelled at for writing in them. So unfair.

3.  It is not emotionally fufilling to go to the doctor before you are really sick. I get pharyngitis. Usually once I can’t talk I go to a human medical professional and there are cries of horror when they look in my throat. It started last night and I have my first on site acupuncture class next week so I can’t be sick. I went to the clinic today. There were no cries of alarm at my condition. I don’t feel special now.

4.  The nurse asked if I had gargled salt water. I had to admit that I thought of it this morning but my kitchen is under construction and I have no clue where the salt is. She told me to pay the 99 cents to get a box.

5.  She also told me to put peroxide in my ear to get rid of wax. She said it would fizz. I envisioned one of those baking soda volcanos and just knew I would be disappointed with the results. I put it in and it fizzed a bit and nothing came out. Does this mean peroxide is now eating through my brain?  I’m going to use it as an excuse even if it isn’t true.

6.  I’m lining up staff patients to use as practice animals after my acupuncture class. No one has an old arthritic dog. Remember the dog from a few posts ago who hates my guts because I denied him a squirrel six or seven years ago?  He’s old now. Surely he needs needles poked into him. ……..Cue evil laughter……….