I think I found a new website of crazy people to entertain me.

I found it through this article – Planned Parenthood wants preschoolers to know mechanics of sexual intercourse.  The article is full of all kinds of fun!

Selected bits for your enjoyment:

Planned Parenthood Federation of America has just announced a new insidious Internet presence referred to as “mobile interactive tools to help teens make healthy decisions.”

Well, we can’t have that can we?

By ‘mobile interactive tools,’ Planned Parenthood means it is on its website so that kids can access this stuff from their smart phones or their computers when their parents aren’t looking

Yep, that’s what mobile means – kids sneaking around doing who knows what.

Plannedparenthood.org advises parents that when a preschooler asks, “How do babies get in your tummy?” that parents answer in graphic detail, naming the anatomical parts of the body involved and the mechanics of sexual intercourse.

Want to know what the Planned Parenthood site actually says?

Q. How do babies get in your tummy?
A. When a woman has a baby in her tummy, it is called a pregnancy. Women have tiny eggs in a special part of their tummy. Men have very tiny seeds. Sometimes, when a man and a woman have sex together, the man puts his penis in the woman’s vagina. They can start a pregnancy if one of his seeds comes out his penis and joins with one of the eggs in her body. Do you have any other questions about that?

Ooooooh, graphic detail!

PPFA then suggests to parents that they respond to a little boy who asks why his private body parts are different from his mother’s by describing his outer genitalia and hers using anatomical names.

“This is some horrifying stuff,” Diller said.

No.  You know what is horrifying?  It is horrifying that people can’t use proper anatomical language for reproductive organs.  I’d love to give a list of proper anatomical terms to clients who ask me to look at their dog’s “down there.”  I want to say, “Her feet?”

I had a staff member once who refused to use anatomical terms because they were dirty.  She said this in response to me telling her it was inappropriate to write “cooch” in a medical record.

The Planned Parenthood website also features videos of very young children who were obviously coached to ask a series of questions that were well beyond what children their age would be thinking about normally or even aware of for the most part—even involving a little bitty girl shouting out really inappropriate questions. This little girl is three or four years old. And Planned Parenthood continues to exploit her.

Have these people met children?  They are completely inappropriate at this age.  They are generally completely inappropriate only in public and at the top of their freaking lungs.

I’m sure that the writers of this article just ran out of room before they had a chance to praise the Planned Parenthood pages about Keeping Teens Healthy by Setting  Boundaries and Helping Teens Delay Having Sex.  I’ll keep watching the site and let you know when they write an article about those pages.

I commented on the article but you have to have your comments approved and it site says that they give priority to pro-life comments.  I bet they do since there doesn’t appear to be any dissent.