During my detox diet I had some serious cravings.  I had cravings so strong that I thought I would cry if I didn’t get pizza or macaroni and cheese. Which one I wanted depended on the day.

So when it was over I let myself have the foods I wanted and you know what?

They tasted horrible. All the things I love have been ruined. There was some discussion about “retraining your tastebuds” but I didn’t think they meant it. 

You know what else was horrible?  The headache I had the night after my first food splurge. It was just like the ones I had on the first few days of the detox. The SO had one too.

And, and, to top it all off we’re still having cravings. You know what we want?  Juice.  I might be stuck being permanently healthy.

My brother and his family are visiting next week. I just called them to ask what they eat. I know their systems would probably curl up and die if confronted with all the fruit and vegetables we are eating right now.