During my detox diet I had some serious cravings.  I had cravings so strong that I thought I would cry if I didn’t get pizza or macaroni and cheese. Which one I wanted depended on the day. So when it […]


Note to self-  next time I decide to start a juice fast do it on a week day. I started on Sunday which meant that I was home thinking about not eating all day. I also realized that all my […]

The First 5 Days

This is Day 6 of the Reboot standard program. The first 5 days were focused on a very clean eating pattern. All fruits and vegetables either in cooked form or in juices. No grains, no beans, no dairy. The good: […]

Reboot Day Three

Yesterday’s midmorning veggie juice that I said was nasty got even worse. It smelled like rotten flesh. The SO got his down. He’s a star. I couldn’t do it. He says that he’s feeling better. I feel about the same […]

Reboot Day 2

I woke up this morning with a headache. I never do that. My body must be rebelling from all the nutrients I inflicted on it yesterday. I was having a dream that I was in college and George Clooney was […]

Reboot Day 1

It is Day 1 of the 15 day Reboot diet program we are trying. It took me about 45 minutes last night to make up the food for breakfast, morning snack, and lunch today. That included having to clean the […]