This is Day 6 of the Reboot standard program. The first 5 days were focused on a very clean eating pattern. All fruits and vegetables either in cooked form or in juices. No grains, no beans, no dairy.

The good:

As of day 4 I had lost 8 lbs. I am able to put on a few pairs of pants that I had set aside to be donated because the zipper edges didn’t even come close to each other. They still aren’t acceptable for public viewing but they close.

The SO has been doing the diet for breakfast and lunch and then eating whatever he wanted for dinner since he isn’t convinced that he’ll be able to lift weights without higher protein in his system. He hasn’t weighed himself but I think he looks thinner. He says he feels healthier.

It is fun to go grocery shopping. The checkout clerks panic when they see all the produce. They have all told me that I’m going to have to help them out with identifying what I have. I also get to feel smug and superior to the people around me who are loading all kinds of process food onto the belts even if some of it does look good.

The ugly:

Breaking habits is hard. The hardest part of this has been pyschological. The idea that I can’t just stop at a drive through if I find myself hungry was surprisingly scary to me. I started carrying around a bag of cherries as a security blanket and I felt much better. I never ate them but just having them was enough.

I’ve developed a need for food porn. The first day I was fantasizing about ravioli. Not the taste so much as the texture – how it feels in your mouth and as you swallow it. I’ve been watching Kitchen Nightmare on Netflix so much that a whole new recommended category of Food Documentaries showed up for me. I was way too excited about that. I’m reading books about food. As a dedicated vegetarian most of the carnivorous food on TV and the books is totally disgusting to me so at least it doesn’t make me hungry.

As I said before this is day 6. This starts the 5 days of straight juice fasting. All juice, all the time. I’ve worried about this. I like to chew. I don’t know if I can do it. I’ve decided that if I want a soup for dinner that’s fine. Anything is better than my normal diet of processed food.

We are making way less trash too. The “trash” is mostly going out in the compost pile and there is almost no recycling. We run the dishwasher daily now because we are eating at home for every meal. Big changes. We’ll see how the next 5 days go.