Note to self-  next time I decide to start a juice fast do it on a week day. I started on Sunday which meant that I was home thinking about not eating all day. I also realized that all my entertainment options are food related except for exercise.  Movies?  We are bad people who smuggle in dollar store candy. Go out to eat? Out of the question. Sit home and think about not eating until you break down and make dinner? Check.

The SO declared that he was having dinner first. I agreed. I made up some sweet potatoes and squash to roast. But the funniest thing happened. As soon as they were ready to eat, I didn’t want them anymore. Just having permission to eat them was enough.

I did eat some solid food last night but it wasn’t like I pigged out on pizza. Mmmmmmm, pizza, does that craving ever go away?  I had a banana, two grapes, and a handful of olives.

Today I woke up and had a smoothie that the SO so kindly made me. Then I packed my two juices for the day-  lunch and snack- and also threw in some grapes and two clementines in case of emergency.  I haven’t had the food yet and am just drinking my second juice at a little after five.

I’ve heard that after a few days you are supposed to have all kinds of energy. I didn’t really believe that since I am not a morning person and have no desire to become one. This morning when I got to work I realized that I was so perky that I was starting to annoy myself. I tried to keep it on the inside since everyone else was grumpy and I didn’t want to get beat up.

I only lost half a pound since Friday which was disappointing since I had gotten used to two lbs a day. I guess those were the easy pounds to get rid of!  Figures that getting skinny can’t be that easy.