It is hard to be a watchdog at our house.

Exhibit A:

We watched an episode of South Park recently that was about the morning announcements. Every announcement started with two chimes. Know what else has two chimes?  A doorbell.

Every time the chimes rang on the TV Freckles would bound off the couch, run to the other side of the house barking furiously, and then get mad because no one was there. Obviously for 22 minutes some ^!#$%=&* kept ringing the door bell and running away before Freckles could get there.

Exhibit B:

We hired a guy to scrape off some flaking house paint and then repaint that section of the house. Did you know that sometimes scraping sounds like someone knocking on the wall?  Freckles was not going to be fooled by people disappearing this time. She sat on a couch where she can look out onto the front porch. Since she was watching she saw the next crime happen with her own eyes. 

My version is that the guy came up and took the paint out of the box on the porch where we left it for him.

Freckles’s version is that a man who she did not know came onto HER porch and took something out of a box. Since the box was on her porch obviously the contents are also HERS, or at the very least, Not His. Then he walked off with it.

She wasn’t having that on her watch. She went ballastic. “THIEF!!!!  THIEF!!!!” She was running and barking and throwing herself at the door. It took me a few minutes to calm her down. “I know which way he went! Let me out I’ll show you!”

It is nice to see she is taking her responsibilities seriously.

2 Replies to “Watchdog Woes”

  1. Laughing so hard because I feel your pain! We’ve had painters here for 2 weeks off and on due to crazy weather. I think I may lose my mind if the barking doesn’t stop soon.

    As for the doorbell? Disney or Nickelodeon shows have an average of 12 doorbells per episode. I have an 11 year old daughter. It is summer. You do the math.
    .-= Quiltin’ Jenny´s last blog ..Summer Fair =-.

  2. What a hoot! The dogs here just give one deep woof for the creak of the mail slot, otherwise everyone who comes near the house is a potential friend (typical beardies).
    .-= Molly´s last blog ..Ch-ch-ch-changes =-.

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