Maybe it is just me but I love the internet because whenever I want to know the answer to some random question, I can get it.

When woke up this morning, for reasons that are entirely unclear, my brain was wondering if the guys who played the Weasley twins in the Harry Potter movies were actually red heads. That would be quite a coincidence, you know. Indentical twin boys born in England at just the right time who want to be actors who also have red hair. 

Anyway, I could look it up immediately because my iPad was on my nightstand.  The answer is no, they have brown hair. Life can go on now that I know that.

But then, I started surfing around as you do to E! Online and then other connections that I forget until I got to this factoid.

In the Dominican Republic divorced women can not remarry until they have been divorced for 306 days.

This does not effect me in any way, shape, or form but it pissed me off. Apparently men can get divorced in the morning and take a stroll down the street and get remarried in the afternoon. But that’s not acceptable for women.

At first I thought it was some kind of punitive thing.  Then I converted it to months.  Ten months. Long enough to make sure the woman wasn’t pregnant at the time of the divorce. 

Ok, do they honestly think that most women are sleeping with their soon to be exes right up to the morning the divorce is finalized?

If the soon to be divorced woman is sleeping with any one it may be the guy she’s about to marry.  What about considering what happens in those ten months?  She could be sleeping with lots of people who could get her pregnant. If they truly cared about preventing fallen women from tricking poor innocent men into marrying them and supporting their bastard babies, then they would require a pregnancy test one month before the wedding followed by the placement of a chastity belt until the key was handed over to the husband during the ceremony. 

What if the woman has had a hysterectomy or sterilization? She is still restricted with this one size fits all law.

And what about the men?  Where’s a woman’s guarantee that her intended hasn’t been out impregnating a whole herd of women? Why does no one care about that if they are being nosy?

Why is it anyone’s business anyway?