I’m been looking at the refashioning blogs on pinterest and around the web this week. These people take thrift store clothes and remake them into some really nice stuff. I’ve always wanted to make clothes but I’m not anal retentive detail oriented enough. I like quilts because they don’t have to fit afterwards. If they do need to be a different size you just throw on a border.

But I might be able to do this. I started out trying one technique for painting shoes. I have these ugly shoes that I bought to get married in.


Who really needs white flowery sandals unless they are getting married? Of course, my dress covered them completely so I could have been wearing army boots and it wouldn’t have mattered. It was the thought that counted. They came from the thrift store because I’m cheap.

The tutorials said to use an acrylic primer first. I could only find spray cans of primer at the one store I looked at. So I used a thin coat of mod podge as a base. Then I painted them blue. This is the same blue as I painted the walls of the bedroom because the paint can was right there and as a bonus I can now be invisible against my bedroom wall. I finished it with another coat of the mod podge to seal it.


We’ll see how they wear. I still don’t plan on wearing them much but I like them better with a bit of color. I wore them to the thrift store yesterday and didn’t come up with anything to make over. I need to make a list because I got in there and my brain melted with possibilities and I didn’t have a clear picture of what to look for. But I did find this outfit which is a total thrift store win!


I got this for under $5 plus my fancy painted shoes. Too bad I almost never wear a skirt but it is wool so it was a good deal and won’t go out of style before I have a chance to use it.

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  1. LOl I fell about reading this post!
    I remember in the 1960s or so, yes last century……………using Lady Esquire shoe dye/paint to refashion scuffed shoes.
    (The apple green colour was not a good choice…)
    Ive never, ever considered trying that again, so disastrous was the result. And it flaked off after it rained anyway.
    I assumed then it was my youthful ineptitude but now, thinking back, maybe it was a naff product. Because now I can do all manner of crafty stuff so painting shoes…shudve been a doddle!
    But Im really impressed with your Mod Podged and paint success, they look great!
    I wouldnt have thought of using Mod Podge so I concede to your brilliance!
    An ace idea!

    Im a ‘make sumthing with a reused sumthing’, rather than a committed ‘make anything out of anything to say its a refashion’……….
    My parents were of the wartime ‘make do and mend’ ethic, whereas I was a hippie ish ‘make it myself or buy it second hand cos I was broke’.
    Ive either never growd up or its my basic character now!!
    : ) Lyn

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