Today was the first day of my Reiki level one class. I’m taking the normal human level one compressed into 12 hours with 4 additional hours of animal concentration tomorrow afternoon.

I’ve played around with energy work before. I’ve done some chakra meditations and worked on moving energy around in rituals. I never knew if I was any good at it though.

I went into this class wanting it to work but I’m sort of the skeptical type. Today there were classes on the basis of Reiki and we also had three attunements that prepared us to be able to channel energy through us. In my first attunement I got a headache as soon as the person put her hands on my head. She said that meant that I was opening up the intuitive area of my brain. On the second attunement she asked me if I was a cautious person. I said that I was. Then she said that I had had a bad relationship but that I was better now. But I was still dealing with things that were causing a heart chakra block. Gee, how about fighting with the IRS all week because of my ex? So, I figured that I was having a hard time working with the energy and wasn’t doing very well at the Reiki stuff.

We were practicing on each other and I seemed to be getting the hang of it. When it was time for attunement three I didn’t know what to expect. After she got done with me she just looked at me with this semi-amused look on her face. I was thinking, “Crap, I suck at this.” She asked me if I had any idea how hot my hands were. I said no. She had me touch the other person in the room. It felt like she was freezing! But I guess it was that my hands were on fire. She said I was running energy like crazy. She asked if I had any training in any other energy modality. I said no. I’d learned some stuff from books but no training. She said I was a natural and that if she had to guess she’d say that I’d done this before. The implication was like ‘past life before’ not ‘last week before’. She said that I should go intuitive and not let the learning interfering with just remembering what to do. Weird.