Day 2 has a bit less intense than the first day since most of our attunements were done. We had classes on chakras in the morning. Then we started practicing on each other again. You start with doing a grounding and centering. They gave us a visualization to use that was different than the one I usually use. It worked but because it was new to me it took longer than the one I knew. I decided to use the old one before this session. It is based on Starhawk’s ritual that involves visualizing yourself as a tree with roots stretching into the ground and branches going to the sky.

I hadn’t been worked on by the group on day 1. I was sort of nervous to get on the table since you can get a lot of info that we then discuss. What were they going to find out about me? There were two teachers there. One was doing attunements while the other was helping with the practice sessions. The teacher in the group room was at my feet when they started working on me. Her hands were really hot. It felt good on my feet. Then she moved away and my feet were cool. When they were done she mentioned how hot my feet were. I said that I thought it was her. She said that I must be very grounded.

Then I went for my attunement with another student. The other teacher worked on us. When she was finished she told me that I had energy running down my spine deep into the ground. She said, “You are very grounded.” The other student and I cracked up. We had to explain that to the teacher. Then she said that that deep of an earth connection usually meant that nature and nature spirits were very important to a person. Who? Little ol’ tree hugging me?

I didn’t practice last night but I’m at work now. Holiday weeks are slow so I’m going to spend some time with some staff dogs and the bird who lives here.