Sometimes I feel like we pick on Riley and his clumsiness too much. Just when I start to feel bad he has a day like yesterday.

He was in the garage/gym with us. The SO was getting ready to bench press some show-off amount of weight like 300 lbs. He was laying on the bench when Riley decided that his position must mean that Daddy wants a cuddle! So he jumped on the SO’s stomach right as he started to lift. Noone was injured. Riley was shooed but he came back because obviously Daddy was really in need of a cuddle since he seemed so jumpy!

Later Riley was by himself on the bench. Weight benches are narrow. This is not a secret but Riley couldn’t get the hang of it. He’d lay down and tumble off it. Repeatedly. If he could balance himself on the bench then he’d get messed up if you petted him. He would lean into your hand and then fall off the bench. I feel bad but he’s a cat and he really should have better spatial awareness!