I want to feed birds. But the birds around here must be the most self-sufficient animals ever because they refuse to come to my feeder. I have high quality feed and everything. I realized it might be hopeless this fall when the corn was harvested. A lot of it spilled on the driveway as the wagons were pulling out. No animal (not even deer) ever came to eat it. If they won’t eat free all you can eat corn then they aren’t coming. I didn’t even put the feeder up this winter.

Then last week when it got really cold a flock of cardinals started hanging out in the front pasture. I put up the feeder. The cardinals disappeared. A dove did come and eat under the feeder one day. A flock of crows started hanging out around the neighborhood and one ate a bread crust I threw out. But no one landed on the feeder.

This morning I looked out back and some birds were sitting in some weeds. I told them there was a feeder on the other side of the house but they didn’t hear me. I came back later and those birds were gone and the cardinals were on the weeds. So I went out and got a bucket. I buried it upside down in the snowdrift at the base of the weeds. I put seed on it. Now the weeds that they were sitting on by their own personal preference are sitting within inches of the bucket covered with seeds. If they don’t eat my food I know it is personal.

I came inside and am playing with Ozzie, the one bird in the universe who likes everything I feed him.