We are having a period of existential angst here. Spirit is depressed. I know this because he is pouting. He makes sure that I know he is pouting.

I knew something was wrong was soon as I walked into the barn yesterday. The energy was all wrong. I asked him what was wrong since he was standing in the middle of his stall and didn’t acknowledge that I came in. I sent him to the arena and he pinned his ears at Prize as he passed her stall. Good sign. But then he went to the hay pile and refused to eat. Bad sign. He walked around and sniffed all his hay options and turned away dispondent. The message that came to me was a very depressed, “@#$#$, hay again.”

I checked him over and he seemed healthy. He ate an apple. I put him back in his stall and he ate grain. I played with him and it didn’t make him angry which is unusual.

Today I sent him outside hoping that would make him happier. He spent most of the time standing by the fence staring off into space. He lives for green pastures and the depths of winter depresses him to no end. I need to invent a Seasonal Affective Disorder treatment for horses.