I just read a post on another blog that annoys me. It was about house hunting in the county where I grew up. The writer rejected the house because it was out in the middle of nowhere. This was defined as several miles from the interstate exit. According to that logic where I live now must be out in the middle of the galaxy somewhere. We don’t even have an interstate in this county.

That reminds me of how people in the area where I grew up were so focused on the little area where they lived that they treated a trip 15 miles away as equivalent to a polar expedition. Very different than here.

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  1. I can top that! I used to work in South Wales, with an organisation that provided careers advice. People simply wouldn’t travel the three or four miles to the next town / village for a next day appointment – they’d rather wait three weeks for one in their own.

    Now I live near Liverpool, on the Wirral – people have to go through the tunnel (or take ‘the ferry across the Mersey’) to get to the city; and for some, it’s like suggesting they travel to the moon.

    Wierd how people’s comfort zones are so small.

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