On the way to work yesterday I was listening to Fresh Air with Terry Gross on NPR. She was interviewing evangelical Christians from Ivy League Universities. I have never heard an interviewer come off as so clueless and desparate before.

The interviewees were part of a Christian union on Ivy League campuses. Ms. Gross desparately wanted them to admit that their purpose in life was to turn all the students into mind-numbed robots. It got sort of funny listening to her ask the same questions over and over to try to get them to admit their dastardly scheme. She started with asking if they wanted the campuses to “conform” to their worldview. The word “conform” was always delivered dripping with contempt. Then she would move to “multicultural” – as in, aren’t campuses supposed to be multicultural? My answer to that in their place would have been yes and we are adding to the variety of ideas that the students can be exposed to. Then she would go to, “Don’t you hate gays?” The student who said she had several gay friends just stumped her. So she moved on to talking separately with the head of the religion department. She wanted him to say that evangelical Christians are an evil influence and obviously up to no good. She repeated her favorite questions. This guy actually said at one point, “I have nothing bad to say about the evangelical chaplins.” I thought Ms. Gross was going to cry. Christians 1 – NPR 0

When I was in vet school I was active in the Christian community. Obviously I don’t now agree with everything they believe but they were anything but an evil influence. There were activities for people who wanted to come and no one was going out and forcing people to come at Bible-point. There just seems to be such a fear of Christians in some circles that they can’t believe there isn’t some grand master scheme underneath it all.

Whenever NPR would take a break I’d switch over to Rush Limbaugh. Yes, rapid changes of pace keep my brain in shape. He was discussing essays written by Keith Thompson at Thompson at Large. The one I was particularly interested in discussed why he feels that he can no longer associate himself with most of the U.S.’s left wing political thinkers. Leaving the Left