I did my good deed for the day. My friends were on the way here for sewing day when one noticed that a neighbor horse was stuck. She came and got me and we met up with our other friend on the way back. We all went to the rescue.

There was no one home at this horse’s house. We crawled under the barbed wire fence and figured out the problem. He had both his hind legs caught in a round bale feeder. It is a circle of pipes about 10 feet in diameter and 5 feet tall. He could only move his head. He’d been down for a while since he was soaked and his head was bruised and scraped. Once he figured out that we were trying to help he quit struggling and let us work on him.

He has a friend who was watching from a distance. Once she figured out that we were helping she decided to come help too. When horses help you with a project it always makes things go so much easier! LOL.

We got his hind legs out of the feeder and then were able to drag the feeder away from him. Once he had room he was able to stand up. I was worried that he would be hurt and we wouldn’t know what to do with him then but he was weak but able to walk around. We had some apples in the car that he wouldn’t eat but his friend enjoyed. He immediately started pawing at the hay around the feeder again. I told him that that was probably the behavior that got him into trouble in the first place so he ought to just knock it off.

Hopefully he is feeling ok now. We didn’t leave a note for his people since we weren’t sure if the dogs were friendly. But the feeder has been moved and he’s scraped up so hopefully they’ll realize that he had a problem.