I posted this entry once and then it went missing.

This is what the beach looked like most of the time we were there. Cloudy and windy and cold. But I did get to see some dolphins so that was cool.


This is a blue heron in full breeding plumage. This was taken on our boat tour of the St. Johns River.


This is a mama gator watching us closely because we are parked next to her nest and are looking at her babies.


These trees show water level changes. Right now the river is about 3 feet lower than normal, shown by the dark line on the bottom of the trees. The high water mark was in 2004 after all the big hurricanes hit.


This shot was lucky. There were always cars in the lane between me and the horse. The horse was trotting. To get a clear shot of the horse in front of the statue with no cars was pure luck.