My new mantra is “Respect the Workout.” Do not mock the workout while you are doing it because it doesn’t seem very hard. That’s how you wake up after lower body day and are unable to get out of bed. It didn’t get much better either. I stretched, I walked, my muscles still were tight. I did end up doing my cardio last night but at a lower level than before. It wasn’t that my aerobic capacity was down. It was that I couldn’t stretch out my legs enough to have a long enough stride to go that fast.

I just finished my first upper body workout. I approached it with respect. I know that my upper body is weaker than my lower. If my lower body is screaming still what will the upper feel like tomorrow? Hint – my triceps were shaking before I got to the specific triceps moves. I held the weight down instead of trying to show off and lowered the reps on the triceps and biceps at the end since my arms were already rubber. I fully expect to not be able to move tomorrow.

My parents took me out to lunch yesterday at a diner. I’m not an egg fan so I wondered what to get to meet the healthy guidelines. Normally I would have gotten the blueberry pancakes. But I got the wheat toast with the fruit cup. Not huge amounts of protein but small servings of fairly healthy stuff. Now I’m off to cook up a batch of quinoa to have in the frig for all my tiny meals.