I loved the premise of this book. What would life looked like if all first marriages dissolved after 15 years? What if couples had to prove that they wanted to stay together longer than that? The world building is the […]


I enjoyed this historical fiction novel about a society woman who runs away from an abusive relationship and ends up in a homeless encampment during the Great Depression. I haven’t read a lot of historical fiction set in this era. […]

Roses of Marrakech

This is an engaging fiction novel that tells stories in two different timelines.  The first is the story of Ivy, an elementary school teacher who decides to take a trip to Morocco that she has always said that she’ll do […]

Love Delusion

This is the second book in a series where I didn’t read the first.  Usually that is a problem but this series is perfect for this situation.  The book opens with two people being captured.  You don’t know why they […]

The Lost Vintage

Purchase Links HarperCollins | Amazon | Barnes & Noble I’ve read Ann Mah’s nonfiction about french food while traveling through France, so I jumped at a chance to read her fiction about a vineyard in Burgundy. This book was inspired by stories of what […]

America for Beginners

I loved this book that brought together several people who are new to America.  I love reading books that give you a new perspective of America. Mrs. Sengupta is newly widowed.  She has lived a sheltered life in Kolkata, constrained […]