Girl on the Run

Girl on the Run

by Rhoda Baxter
Series: Smart Girls #1
Setting: England
Genres: Contemporary, Fiction, Romance, Romantic Comedy, Suspense
Published on May 9, 2014
Pages: 211
Source: Book Tour, From author/publisher

For Jane Porter, being a pop star’s girlfriend was a dream come true—until her big-time boyfriend started playing around and the paparazzi turned on her like a pack of hyenas. Now in a new city with a new look, Jane has retreated to work a quietly anonymous job in a patent law firm—at least until the furor dies down. Besides, some good old-fashioned hard work will help repair her shattered confidence. Then she meets patent lawyer Marshall Winfield—sweet, clever and dealing with the aftermath of his own romantic disaster—who might just be the cure for Jane’s broken heart. But with the press still hot on Jane’s heels and an office troublemaker hell-bent on making things difficult, do Jane and Marsh stand any chance of finding happiness together? "Fresh and fun, Rhoda Baxter's debut novel is an entertaining read about learning to trust—and love—again.”—Talli Roland, author of The Hating Game

Jane is a woman who is looking forward to starting a new life. She was the famous girlfriend of the lead singer of an up and coming band. Then she caught him cheating and went into hiding. What the press doesn’t know is that she’s moved to London and started a job.

She’s looking forward to being out of the limelight. She’s keeping her head down and trying to learn the ropes. However, there is a lot of office gossip. Someone is bound to figure out who she is.

This book is told in large part through emails and texts. You are seeing the viewpoints of all the characters. There is a lot of sexual harassment in this book. Two of the male members of the firm discuss trying to have sex with Jane. They make a bet over email which is totally a paper trail and someone should turn them in. It is pretty disgusting.

A good portion of this book is one of these men trying to take advantage of her. This book was first published a while ago and it shows in the attitudes towards women in the work place. I’d like to think it has gotten a least a little better.

Jane is very quick to jump to judgement. She’s used to people trying to take advantage of her. She has a hard time trying to trust people. She’s trying to learn though but makes some wrong decisions along the way.

I haven’t seen this set up for a story often – people walking away from fame and trying to start a new life. It works well.