I’ve had the type of morning that makes me think that I might have been better off if I had just stayed in bed and banged my head against the headboard for an hour or two.

I had a doctor’s appointment first thing this morning. I filled out my paperwork and the receptionist turned on CNN in the waiting room. There in big bold type was the news that I was living in a disaster area. Now, I’m not the most observant person but you’d think that a person would notice something like that. Seems that we have severe flooding, people need rescued, and they even canceled mail service in a few towns. Huh. I had no idea. But there it was on a map showing the radar pattern of huge storms moving right over top of me. We have had some sprinkling fairly regularly for the past few days but the huge mud puddle in my driveway isn’t even filled to historic levels – let alone having any thoughts of flooding me out of house and home. The coverage went on for about 5 minutes and ended with a plea for people in the affected area to send pictures. Gee, I’d love to, if I could find any water to take a picture of.

So I get called back and get my vitals taken. Then the doctor calls in and says that she isn’t going to make it in because she can’t get out of bed. So I have to reschedule. I work in a medical office. I know how these things go. Some things you need to keep to yourselves. For example, you should not say to the receptionist out loud in front of a line of women getting ready to reschedule, “She says she doesn’t want anyone worked in on days that are already busy so give them the next regularly available appointments.” In other words, September. If we tried to pull that at a vet’s office we’d be strung up by our toes.

I go to my car and get a message from my stall cleaners. My regular cleaner in on vacation so she sent her mom. Her mom is a friend of mine but she thinks I don’t take proper care of my horses. She does her own thing with them regardless of their schedule. They had just come in from being outside before I left. She put them back out. In the rain. (Yes, it was sprinkling again. I noticed now.) She said that they were very angry. I can only imagine. Turns out when I got home that they hadn’t had time to finish breakfast. True, they were being turned out in good pasture with all the food they could eat but it was the principle of the matter in their minds.

I went to the doctor in part to get a new form of birth control. I called the insurance company to see if they would cover the procedure. No way. Got my feminism all riled up again. I don’t yell at the poor people who work the phones because they don’t make the rules but here’s what I wanted to yell:

1. Would you rather pay for prenatal care and delivery?
2. Would you rather pay for the psychiatric care I’d need if I found out I was pregnant?
3. Would you cover Viagara?

Next best thing I called the husband. (Oh, it is his birthday by the way.) He might have been in a meeting because he was noncommittal and when I had a good head of steam up and got to yelling about Viagara he told me that he really couldn’t discuss it at this time. Sorry.

I tried to go buy a blueberry bush. I figured if we had flooding then the ground might be soft enough to plant in but the green house didn’t have any left. Then I stopped at my neighbor’s to get tomatoes for my coworkers. This involves taking my life in my own hands because they have vicious dogs. But I didn’t die.

I made an appointment to get Prize’s feet x-rayed to see if she has any permanent damage. Came home and changed appointment to this afternoon because Spirit doesn’t seem to be feeling well. He may just be throughly pissed off about being put back outside.

That’s all this morning. Ideally I’d go back to bed and let the rest of this day pass me by. But, I have to go to work. Hopefully that will be much calmer.