I finally am sending out the quilts that I made to be donated in honor of Summer Solstice. I count this as successful because they were done in time to be sent out for the sabbat but I had a minor problem. I lost one.

I knew I put it somewhere obvious. That’s the worst place to put something! My search was so extensive and so fruitless that I started to doubt that I had even made a second quilt. I couldn’t picture it any more. Thank god for blogging since I was able to go back and see the picture I posted and realize that it was not all a dream.

I finally found it. It was obvious. In my defense it was folded with the back out so it looked like a pile of fabric. Sitting neatly folded. On a table in the sewing room. Actually touching my sewing machine. Where I’d see it all the time. Obviously.

In honor of the momentuous find I decided to find a new charity to send to. I have another self-serving reason. The place I planned to send these to will take tops and quilt them for you. I have several finished tops but due to other obligations I don’t see myself getting them quilted in time for the equinox. So I’ll send the tops if I have to.

The summer quilts are going to The Painted Turtle, a camp for kids with medical needs where every kid gets a handmade quilt and pillow to take home.