Last week we went to a fair. I’m cynical about fairs having spent a large portion of my life on fairgrounds. I hate fair food. (Seriously, live on it for a week at a time and come back and tell me if you still crave it.)

But, the husband likes a fair and Z wants to ride rides. This led to us wandering around looking at animals while Z complained about how much she hates stupid animals. Good times. I think all the animals that only have a few days left to live are absolutely depressing. I petted a pig for a while and apologized for humans being barbaric. He’s been murdered by now.

There were horses and they get to survive a fair.

These are the nicest stalls I’ve ever seen on a fairgrounds.

Dairy cows at fairs are false advertising. I worked on dairy cows. They are never this clean.

This guy makes his living by letting kids ride him and posing for pictures.

There were stuffed animals of course.