I finished 16 books in September.

  • The author breakdown was 12 female and and 3 male.  (I read one female author twice).
  • There were 11 white authors, 1 black author, and 5 Asian authors.
  • Thirteen of the books were fiction and three were nonfiction.
  • I listened to three audiobooks.
  • The books were set in Ireland, England, the U.S., Canada, Vietnam, Italy, Iran, Singapore, Discworld, and a few made trips around the world or didn’t exist in a real place at all.  Yes, Discworld is a real place.

Most emotional

I read The Shepherd’s Crown.  I cried.  Review coming sometime when I can talk coherently about it.

Coming Up


My favorite book blogger event of the year!  I’ll be posting reviews and author spotlights.


I’m posting for this on October 4.  There are some serious prizes being given out.  It starts on October 1.


Next month I’m co-hosting the Monthly Wrap Up with Nicole from Feed Your Fiction Addiction.  Hope you join us.