• We went up to the parents’ house for Thanksgiving.  It is one of my least favorite holidays because I don’t like the food and it is all about the food.
    • On Friday we went out with some of my exes.  The SO was not overwhelmingly thrilled about this at first.  But I’ve been friends with these guys for much longer than we dated and they are friends and it has been a long time since we all got together.  In fact, it hasn’t been since High School Boyfriend’s wedding when his (now ex) wife cut him off from talking to me.  The SO had a great time with them like I figured he would.  He favors College Boyfriend because they could talk Army stuff and business stuff.
    • He’s convinced High School Boyfriend is gay.  I told him that we have all tried to convince him to be gay since he could get more dates (he’s a musician) but he insists that he isn’t.  He says the fact that High School Boyfriend admits that he has red yoga pants proves it.
    • Saturday was my birthday!  We didn’t do much but come home.
    • I’ve seen The Muppets twice this week and I still get a bit teary when they do the Muppet Show theme.  Is that odd?
    • I’m way behind on my mystery quilt.  I’ve been a total slacker.
    • I’ve decided to try a training program for a 10K.  I have no desire to do a 10K but I’m a person that needs to have a training plan or I don’t do anything.  It starts with running 1.5 miles and I figure I can do that.  I ran 1 mile today to test that theory (after not doing anything for a while) and may need to rethink my plan.  I’ll try the 1.5 miles on Tuesday or Wednesday, depending on weather.
    • The SO got sick over Thanksgiving so we are laying around watching Netflix.
    • We are watching a new series because College Boyfriend suggested it and according to The SO “He wouldn’t lie to us!”  Yeah, they bonded.

    What Do You Think?