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Islands by Anne Rivers Siddon

When Anny marries Lewis she finds herself absorbed into his circle of friends.  They share a beach house in South Carolina and vow to take care of each other there as they age.  This is the story of their lives and some of their deaths in the Low Country.

SEMI-SPOILER.  This was a perfectly pleasant book telling the story of four couples and their intertwined lives.  Good but nothing spectacular until the end when a twist is thrown in that makes you question everything that came before.  I loved that!

Clockwork Angelby Cassandra Clare

Tessa sails to Victorian England in order to reunite with her brother after her aunt dies.  Instead she is kidnapped by beings who are not human.  They teach her that she is not human either but is a shape shifter with the ability to touch the mind of those she impersonates.  She is rescued by the Enclave, supernatural law enforcers tracking down the disappearance of human girls.

I saw this several times on other blogs.  I didn’t know what it was about.  I really liked it though.  This was the first of her books that I’ve read.

Juliet Immortal by Stacey Jay

What if Romeo and Juliet was a lie?  Juliet has spent hundreds of years jumping into the bodies of soul mates to save them from Romeo.  He wants them to make the same deal he did to kill their love in order to gain power.  But this time is different.  Now Romeo is reaching out to Juliet and telling her than if she just listens to him they may be able to finally find happiness.

I wasn’t crazy about this book.  Juliet seemed clueless.  I figured out her troubles long before she did and that got annoying.

Little Earthquakes by Jennifer Weiner

This is the story of three women who meet in a pre-natal yoga class. They have nothing in common other than their pregnancies until they are drawn together when one goes into labor unexpectedly. Over the next year they deal with motherhood while going through relationship troubles and job changes.

This was pretty typical chick-lit. It was good but fairly predictable.

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