Two years ago I did one of Bonnie Hunter’s mystery quilts from her Quiltville site.  I’ve just recently recovered.  She designs gigantic quilts full of all kinds of intricate pieces.  I only like about half of the mystery quilts of hers I’ve seen.  I wasn’t even thrilled with the one I made (which is a very upsetting feeling) until I added some sashing to quiet it down a bit.  Now I like it a lot but I don’t have a way to use it often because it is gigantic.

A few weeks ago I happened across a notice on another blog that the mystery quilt for this year was starting soon.  My brain got intrigued.  I told it to stop but it made my thumbs click the link to her site to see the intro.  This quilt is going to be smaller than the previous one I did but still big for me.  I tried to talk myself out of it for the last few weeks.  The first set of instructions were due to be posted today. 

This morning I was still trying to convince myself that this was a bad idea.  “Come on,” I told my brain, “You know the first direction is going to be make 500 of this block.” Then my brain chastised me for over-exaggerating because it isn’t quite that bad. 

The first direction on this quilt?  Cut 448 triangles!  I just laughed.  I laughed even harder when the directions said that to make it easier on yourself you should just do them a hundred at a time.  My quilts never have a hundred of anything in them!

Have I mentioned I’m moving in less than a month?  Keeping hundreds of pieces of a quilt straight during a move will be fun.  Oh well, toss them all in the same box and sort it out later.

I bought some more fabric in my triangle colors at lunch since I know I don’t have enough for 448 triangles.  Dear lord.  I can’t even count that high.  LOL