I went to see the new house for the first time yesterday.  I loved the drive up.  I have a new GPS so I could get around without staring at a map.  (I bought it at a pawn shop so I got the one still in the box – less likely to be supporting the local thugs that way!)  It took me in through a major commercial area.  It was very high end.  There was a grocery store that looked like a Whole Foods clone and a big mall with all the fancy stores that I never buy anything in. 

Then you turn and are almost immediately in the metro park.  It is gorgeous even with all the trees bare.  There are walking/jogging paths on both sides of the roads and you can see bridges in the distance crossing streams.  When I got to the parking area where a lot of the trails start I was 0.7 miles from the house according to the GPS.  This is all very good.  I was feeling happy.  Then I saw the house.  My only thought was, “Ewwww.”

The bad:

1.  The driveway needs replaced.  It is all cracked and broken.  It is narrow and you drive to the back of the house and do a quick U-turn to get in the garage.  That will take some practice. 

2.  There isn’t much front yard so the house is sort of looming over the street.

3.  The rooms are all much smaller than they looked online.  I don’t think some of our furniture will fit in the designated areas.

4.  There are four bedrooms but they are so small that I don’t think we’ll be able to put our dressers in the same room as our bed.

5.  The bathrooms are tiny.  You could sit on the toilet, start the water running for the shower, and wash your hands without moving. 

6.  The kitchen is small.  I was hoping for a few more outlets than we have now.  It has two just like our current kitchen.  There is less cabinet space than we currently have.

The good:

1.  The kitchen has new counters and all the appliances are brand new. 

2.  There is a large room downstairs that is finished and carpeted that is going to be my sewing room. 

I told the SO there will be demolition.  I want to knock down the wall between two bedrooms.  When the current house sells and we have some extra cash there will be a real bathroom put in so we have a master suite.  I have a vision.  He doesn’t know the extent of my evil plan yet! 

I’m considering the demise of a couple of extra arches.  That would open things up.  I think this house would benefit from the generous application of a sledgehammer.