I have spent the morning in open mouthed wonder and astonishment for two reasons. One was bad and one was good.

First the bad – Riley, bless his little feline heart, was such a good boy while I was gone. He did not express his anger at me leaving by using the bed as a litter box. I was so proud! That is until this morning when I realized that instead he used my green fabric bin and my pink/purple fabric bin. (Yes, he is still alive. I’m not sure how.) Now this could have been prevented had I not had them out of their cabinets but instead put them back where they belong. Lesson learned. Cat not beaten within an inch of his !@$#$% life.

Some good things did come of this. Now all those fabrics are washed nice and sparkly clean. I also have rediscovered fabric that I forgot I had. I have lots of fabric. Non-quilters might actually describe it as “entirely too much fabric.” So I routinely not only forget that I have certain fabrics but would swear to you that I’ve never seen them before in my life. I think fabrics actually multiply in my basement.

Good news – I have a job interview on Friday in a city a few hours from here. The job is mobile and they want to expand their service into my area so I’m going there to see what they do but the job would not require moving. I got an email this morning confirming that I am coming. It also discussed how much they would be paying me for mileage and what they would be paying me for spending the day with them. You could have knocked me over with a feather. I’ve never had anyone pay for me to do an interview. Ever. What is even wilder is that this is a low-cost spay/neuter outfit. But they will put out money for me to visit when job interviews I’ve had with regular clinics never even considered it.

In other quilting news:

I’m in a row-by-row round robin. That’s means that I make a row of a quilt top and then send it to the next person on the list and they add a row. Everyone works on everyone else’s quilts until it gets back to the person who started it. My theme is shoes. I’ve always wanted to make a shoe quilt but figured I’d never get around to it so I’m making a row and sending it off to let everyone else make it for me. I found some great patterns at Paper Panache. These are the wooden shoe (I made it a clog) and one of the tap shoes from the free section of the site. They are very detailed paper piecing patterns but they turned out great. I’m going to make another clog (as soon as the fabric is done washing.)